Our Mission

Project Peacemaker is a journalistic project that was developed under the umbrella of the Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany e.V. and aims to identify society in the microcosm of the social structure.


Initially limited to 6 months and conceived as an indirect outpost of the Central Council of Oriental Christians, it was decided in July 2016, due to the great, worldwide success of the project, to transform it into an independent, non-profit association. It pursues purely journalistic purposes, both abroad and in Europe, which serve to convey the multi-layered culture of our heritage to all people, using the most modern means of communication, in order to be able to define a peaceful approach.


Based on humanistic and Christian world views, which are, for us, the fundamentals of reality, knowledge and morality.


Because first of all, peace begins with an honest and respectful dialogue with each other.


What we consider to be the solution

Dialogue is the key to success


Dialogue with common citizens is at the core of the project, regardless of what they may or may not believe in. As a society, we cannot afford to leave control of the the Internet to those who use it to suggest that the Middle East is nothing but violence and terror or that Europe is nothing but populists.


That is why the ability to express oneself is of immense importance. Communication is an essential component of a functioning society.


This is especially true for intercultural exchange. Something that one often has to learn. Different cultures communicate differently and misunderstandings often occur in this field. This affects, for example, economic and social relationships.


The solution is to build a bridge. A bridge between cultures and people who are increasingly growing together in a globally networked world.


Countries with all their conflict regions such as Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Georgia or Armenia were visited often. Many other destinations such as Russia, Egypt or Israel and Palestine have already been defined as next targets.


However, after the first major fact-finding mission in 2015/2016, the first focus will be on Europe.


The next trip is intended to show in detail, as usual using the possibilities of the media, what Europe and its stability is all about.


At least one reason for millions of people to embark on a risky journey just to reach the "promised paradise".