The board of Project Peacemaker e.V. consists of the chairman, deputy chairman and up to three assessors, who must all be voting members. The voting assembly determines the number of assessors to be elected. If necessary, the number can be subsequently increased. Its term of office is three years



The current members of the Executive Board are as follows:




Jacob, Simon



Simon Jacob, born in Tur Abdin (south-east Turkey) in 1978, fled to Germany with his parents as a child because of the religious and ethnic conflicts in Turkey. For three years he was a volunteer integration officer of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Germany, before he took over the office of chairman of the newly founded "Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany - ZOCD" for two years in April 2013, for which he again served as chairman from July 2017 to November 2019.


Through his numerous travels and contacts - both within the ancient Oriental churches and beyond - he is well informed about developments in the Near and Middle East. He has used his opportunities as an entrepreneur and freelance journalist to draw particular attention to the geopolitical situation in the conflict regions and its impact on the lives of Christians and other minorities. One part of his responsibilities was, for example, to accompany journalists to the conflict regions.





Hofmann, Daniela

Vice Chairman


Born in Regensburg, she has been involved for many years in various associations and working groups, in some cases also in a functional position, such as the Central Council of Oriental Christians in Germany e.V. or "Project Peacemaker e.V.", where she is vice chairman. However, these also include the Foreign and Security Policy Working Group of the CSU, the Working Group on Integration and Migration, the Society for Security Policy, the German Society for the United Nations, the Women's Association in the Federation of Expellees or the Sudeten German Landsmannschaft in Bavaria.


Due to the close cooperation with the initiator of the Peacemaker Tour, Simon Jacob, which she supported throughout the entire process, the geopolitical situation in the Middle East is a major focus of attention. However, the subject of war, flight and expulsion is not unknown in her own family, as parts of her family roots go back to Pomerania and the Egerland.


Human rights / women's rights are especially close to her heart. When the United Nations was founded in 1945, gender equality was recognised by the community of states and included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 as a principle of non-discrimination based on gender. Together with the two human rights covenants of 1966, they form the "International Charter of Human Rights", which, through a large number of special conventions, either further concretises an individual human right or protects the legal status of certain groups of persons exposed to particular risks.





Dureder, Christa



born 1964 in Munich


Already during my training I was working in refugee aid and therefore started to actively support human rights, especially the rights of women and girls.


Violence against women and girls is a gross violation of human rights. It is very important to me that women and girls have the same rights and chances as men


David Fuhrmann


Fuhrmann, David



David Fuhrmann was born in Augsburg in 1998. In 2017 he graduated from the grammar school at St. Stephan's in Augsburg. Due to his interest in foreign countries, cultures and religions, he travelled to numerous countries in Europe and Asia (including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Slovenia, Croatia and Portugal) during and after his years at school.


In order to deepen his cultural knowledge and to refine his manual skills for a later study as a communication designer, he started working for Oannes Consulting as Creative Director in 2018. Since then he has been working as a reporter, cameraman and photographer on several projects.


Gees Profilbild



Gees, Dr. h.c. Berthold



Dr. h.c. Berthold Gees, born in Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia, in 1954, was already politically active during his school and university years, among other things as the founder of a university party as well as chairman of the student parliament and ASTAs of the comprehensive college/university of Paderborn.


Later, he was active at the municipal and district level as chairman or board member of a political youth organization. Parallel to this, in the 70s and 80s, education and academic training as a teacher with first and second state exams. In addition to his political activities, he was also very active as a journalist, including a traineeship.


From 1984 onwards, consultant for a large foundation, responsible for the selection and support of German scholarship holders in NRW; organising and carrying out numerous seminars, advising scholarship holders in their personal and scientific projects.


Since 1989 representative of the foundation in the Central American civil war country El Salvador with the aim of promoting peaceful and democratic conditions for development; main focus of work in the areas of political and trade union advice at parliamentary, governmental and institutional level, close cooperation with the two Christian trade union umbrella organisations in Salvador and Honduras, monitoring of the human rights situation, establishment of a university institution with a new approach to rural development within the framework of academic and scientific training, management of a radio station with a politically democratic information profile, numerous project activities in war zones, and among other things, initiation and operation of 40 health stations, advising mayors and municipal councils within the framework of local self-administration.


Awarded an honorary doctorate for his commitment to human rights and peace-building social activities.